Top 10 Best Crossbow Bolts Reviews 2020

When it comes to hunting with a crossbow there is nothing as important as a crossbow bolt. That is because hunting is a sport that requires you to be swift, accurate and silent all at the same time. There is no way you can do that if you are hunting with poor equipment. The quality, size, and weight of the crossbow bolt alone can determine if you will be successful on a day out hunting or not. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when you go out shopping for your hunting equipment.

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There are numerous crossbow bolts available on the market today. Sifting through the specs of each of them can be an impossible task, especially when you know buying the wrong bolt can ruin or improve your chances of winning that next big hunting competition. However, no need to worry, we have done the job for you and made a dedicated list for you to enjoy.

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This specific Crossbow Bolt is one of the most popular. It is durable and can be used by beginners and youth hunters.



Below is a list of the best crossbow bolts available on Amazon. Compare the features and prices of each product to get the best deals. For more information about the features of each product, please scroll down below.

The 10 Best Crossbow Bolts

The Carbon Express PileDriver does not just sound dangerous by its name but it is actually crafted for serious hunting. The body of the 20-inch crossbolt is made up of carbon that is skillfully crafted to ensure a consistent spine. The bolt is thick and strong which means it is durable and even capable of penetrating bones. As a result of the thickness and supreme build, the bolt is very accurate and fast. Once it leaves the bow it is capable of killing everything in its sight including full-grown meaty bucks.

This bolt is compatible with flat nocks as well as half-moon nocks so you can switch between nocks depending on your wish. It isn’t as fast owing to its weight but it ensures a confirm kill if you are able to hit the target. The 4” vanes on the bolt do their job of keeping the bow straight and accurate allowing it to travel at speeds of up to 300 fps from a distance of 60 yards. You can use it on large or medium-sized crossbows.


  • Durable construction lets you use the bolts for multiple times
  • Capable of bone penetration
  • Accurate to the mark
  • Compatible with flat and half-moon nocks


  • Poor quality control means some bolts are not accurate

Who it’s best for?

This bolt cuts through both bone and flesh and therefore it is best for serious hunters.

The Reegox bolt is made up of carbon and has a weight of about 440 grains. The bolt is constructed with precision and consistency to ensure a rigid spine. A rigid spine is a vital ingredient needed to ensure accuracy in a bolt. But do not expect to be as accurate as you would with an Express PileDriver. If you are a beginner stepping into your hunting shoes for the first time this bolt is made for you.

The bolt is compatible with a moon nock so make sure your crossbow has the same specification. The bolt is heavy but not as powerful as you would expect a heavy bolt to be. Do not expect bone penetration. However, thanks to the 4” vanes you can expect your arrow to be precise and accurate. One good thing about buying your bolts from Reegox is that they provide remarkable after-sales service. This company takes pride in satisfying its customers to the highest degree which is why Reegox is preferable for beginners.


  • High-quality carbon body
  • Fast and accurate
  • Excellent customer services
  • Great for youngsters who are just starting out


  • Only compatible with one nock

Who it’s best for?

The Reegox bolts are strong and accurate. They are great for beginner hunters.

The Excalibur firebolt carbon arrows are made from high-quality materials with exact specifications to make sure that it provides the best posisble accuracy while using broadheads. It is made from Series 22 carbon. The arrows do not need the use of nocks and are ready to use because they are supplied with flat ends.

The bolts sit in the channel so there is no need to have one with a different color to show arrow position. Using the bolt, any fletch can go on the channel. The arrows are ideal for recurve crossbows.


  • Made from High-quality materials
  • Consistent quality and accurate
  • Great for target practice reasonably good for actual hunting


  • Only for recurve crossbows
  • No led nocks

Who it’s best for?

A customizable bolt that can suit a hunter in every situation.

Crossbows of today are highly powerful and shoot fast which is why bolts like Witness have come into existence. The Bloodsport Witness is perfect for choice for high-speed crossbows because it is strong, durable and agile. The bolt is great for hunting some whitetails during the season. Moreover, you can customize it to your tastes and requirements since the Witness has a replaceable head. Add a broadhead weight and make your bolt work in tandem with your crossbow.

This bolt is accurate to the tee thanks to its 0.003-inch straightness, and it is rigid as well as strong to penetrate the thick animal skin with a speed of 400 fps. The lightning-fast speed of the bolt won’t allow your prey time to think and respond to your advances resulting in a vital every time.

One defining feature of this bolt is the Blood Ring technology, which is a white ring on the front-end of the bolt. The ring collects vital evidence as it penetrates the animal. Looking at it, you will be able to determine if you were successful in making the kill shot and whether the bolt hit the heart, lungs, or liver. Using this information, you can calculate how far the animal would go before it loses consciousness.


  • Replaceable arrowhead
  • Swift and powerful through the animal
  • Blood Ring technology
  • Travels at a speed of 400 fps


  • The inconsistent quality found in some bolts

Who it’s best for?

This bolt is great for beginners and professionals alike who are looking to learn more about hunting through the Blood Ring technology.

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The Victory bolt is unlike any other bolt-on our list as it is not only available in a 20- inch length but also in a 22-inch length. That’s great news for those crossbow owners who have larger crossbows. The bolt’s body is high-grade carbon but the front-end inserts are brass. This mixture allows the bolt to have an Extreme Front of Center (EFOC) which is exactly what is needed for dead-on accuracy. Not only that, but the heavier weight down the front also enables the bolt to penetrate the animal deeply ensuring a kill.

The Victory bolt has a standard half-moon nock but it has a unique red-light at the end of it. The red-light acts as a beacon and it can help you with two things. Firstly, using the light you will be able to locate the arrow even in the dark. Secondly, the light will allow you to track the dead animal that is if the arrow is still embedded in its flesh. The vanes on the bolt are also colored for added effect.


  • Red-light nocks
  • 22- inch long bolts
  • Extremely fast and accurate
  • Brass inserts


  • The red-light nock has to be replaced once its batteries run out

Who it’s best for?

This bolt is best for night time hunting.

The Last Punch bolt is for smaller crossbows hence it has a length of 14 inches. It is compatible with 150 lb crossbows. This is built out of aluminum metal so you can expect it to bend and curve when you shoot it. Aluminum is tough but it is not as tough as carbon. Carbon composite allows manufacturers to add strength without affecting the overall weight of the arrow. However, in order to strengthen the arrow using aluminum manufacturers have no way to reduce the bolt’s weight.

The arrowheads on this bolt are removable which means you can remove the tip and attach broadhead tips or other penetrative tips for a successful kill. One big drawback of these bolts is that they are not very durable and not for big games. If you try to kill a buck with these bolts you might end up breaking them after one shot.


  • Lightweight bolts
  • Tip is removable
  • Not too heavy on the pockets


  • Might break easily
  • Aluminum metal body

Who it’s best for?

This bolt is ideal for smaller crossbows which makes it great for hunters on a tight budget.

The Tenpoint Carbon bolt is highly accurate and why wouldn’t it be? The company tests each of its bolts by laser technology to ensure consistency and quality. The shafts are made from industry-grade carbon composite hence they are strong and durable.

Unlike other bolts that have half-moon or flat nocks, these arrows by Tenpoint have a unique Omni-Nock system. The nock’s special design allows you to have three string alignment settings that reduce string slippage and diminishes reloading hassles.

The front-end of these bolts are fitted with 68-grain brass inserts (100-grain inserts come with the packaging). This setup makes the bolts perfectly balanced and gives them an effective EFOC. As a result, the bolts travel faster and further than any other while hitting the target hard and accurate. If you need to up your game a bit more, you can attach various crossbow broadheads for maximum damage to the prey. These specifications make the Pro-Lite the perfect arrow to hunt big game.


  • Lighting fast and accurate
  • Omni-Nock system
  • Replaceable tip
  • Quality ensured by the manufacturer


  • Difficult to replace nocks

Who it’s best for?

This is a great quality arrow best for hunters looking to make quick and accurate kills.

The Carbon express gameslayer cross bolts are great for target practice or for actual hunting. They are made with aerospace technology with aerospace 7001-T6 alloy material that is made for advanced strength and reliability. Moreover, the bolts are equipped with tensile strength of 88,000 PSI to achieve bone-crushing power.

The bolts are also hand-anodized for an ultra-smooth finish and increased penetration. It provides exceptional performance that is worth the money that you have spent. The cross bolts feature 360 degrees spine consistency for more accuracy and high performance with 3-inch fusion vanes.

If you are careful enough, these bolts will last you a long time and be faithful to you during practice sessions.


  • Powerful bolts
  • Great carbon quality


  • Field tips not included

Who it’s best for?

This bolt is best for hunting small and soft targets.

The Express Maxima bolt is specially crafted using dual spine weight forward technology. This breakthrough technology gives the bolt remarkable accuracy and an effective EFOC. It comes in a beautiful Mossy Oak Treestand camouflage theme that is a perfect addition to your hunting gear. The bolts come with moon nocks but extra flat nocks are provided in the packaging for backup. The Express Maxima bolts are lab-tested by laser technology to ensure consistency and straightness of the arrow.

The bolt’s tips can be replaced with 100-grain broadheads that are provided in the packaging for excellent target penetration. The most unique thing about these bolts is their BuffTuff Plus technology. Under this technology, the bolts have an extra carbon fiber outer layer to ensure strength. The same technology is used at the front of the bolt which makes it swift and silent moving through the air at lightning-fast speeds.


  • Arrows spin and recover faster
  • One of the most accurate bolts
  • Extremely agile
  • Penetrates the target deeply


  • Price is a bit on the higher side

Who is it best for?

This bolt is best for professionals who want nothing but the best for themselves.

The Barnett Outdoors is perfect for you as they offer quality, accuracy, and speed at an economical price. The shaft of the bolt is carefully constructed to be balanced and lightweight. Both these factors allow the bolt to travel straight and flat hitting the target with good force. If you a hunter on a budget, you have come to the right place.

The field point tips on these 20- inch arrows are finely crafted. The half-moon nocks are company installed. The biggest advantage with these arrows is that they are covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can rest assured that if the manufacturer is so confident with their product there is no way there will be any compromise on quality.

These Barnett bolts hit targets hard on distances up to 50 yards. That is not a practical distance if you intend to kill clever animals. Therefore, for large-sized games, you would have to buy heavier and more rigid bolts. However, there is no limit for you if you are just enjoying hunting as a hobby and not professionally.


  • The shaft is strongly built
  • The bolts are compatible with various crossbows
  • No need for extra customization
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • A few bolts might be inconsistent in quality

Who it’s best for?

If you are looking for a bolt that fits most of the crossbows in the market, this is the best one for you.

Crossbow Bolt Buyer’s Guide

Before you go and actually buy crossbow bolts you must read and understand the different factors that make one bolt better than the other.

✅ Video – How to prepare for crossbow shooting

Here is a short video about crossbow hunting. This video provides useful tips and information about the proper ways to prepare for hunting practice.

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Choice of Material

The main body or shaft of the bolt is made up of durable and strong material so that it can withstand the tension from the crossbow when the bolt is shot and the pressure of impact when the bolt enters the target. Manufacturers initially used to make crossbow arrows from metals like steel but then aluminum was discovered which is light and strong. Nowadays, the majority of bolts are made up of carbon-composite while some are still made up of aluminum metal.

Carbon crossbow bolts are very strong but lightweight at the same time, hence they are the best choice for hunters that want to hunt large-sized games. Crossbows made of plastic or aluminum would either be too heavy or too delicate to handle the task of professional hunting.

Recommended: Bloodsport Witness

The Bloodsport Witness is made of the best quality materials and the best in terms of build quality.


The bolt’s weight should be considered when buying a crossbow bolt as it determines what the bolt will be used for.

The bolts are weighed by grains. A lightweight bow is rated under 350 grains. Lightweight arrows are great for target practice or for hunting down small targets like birds and rabbits. They can travel very far when shot and hence they are great for quick early kills.

Standard-weight bolts are rated in between 350 – 400 grain. They are great for all kinds of hunting. In short, a standard-weight bolt is an all-purpose bolt that can be used to kill all kinds of games.

Heavy bolts, on the other hand, are rated above 400 grain. They are crafted in such a way that they penetrate the thick skin of animals. They travel fast but not as far as lightweight bows. However, if shot correctly they can ensure a kill. Keep in mind, though, that the bolt’s weight should be selected with regard to your bow’s specifications.

✅ Video – Crossbow bolts vs. standard bolts demo

The video below tackles the difference between the weight of crossbow bolts and standard bolts. Watch the video to determine which kind of bolt works best according to its weight.

click here for the best lightweight crossbow bolt

Recommended: Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

The Carbon Express Maxima Hunter is the crossbow bolt that has a heavy grain but it is still accurate and fast.

Bolt Head

Most arrows available in the market have a replaceable arrowhead which means you can remove the one you don’t like and attach one that you think would be effective.

Target point bolt heads are great for target practice. They have a blunt tip that is great for small and soft targets. When buying, look for tips that are screwed on top.

Broadheads should be your choice when you are intending to kill prey. These tips are designed to cut and tear flesh when the arrow enters the body of the animal. There are some broadheads that expand mid-air and hit the target with immense force.

As a general rule of thumb, select the bolt tip that is compatible with your crossbow and that which matches your requirements.

Recommended: Last Punch Crossbow Bolts

The Last Punch Crossbow Bolts comes with good quality broadhead included in the packaging so you don’t need to buy an extra one.


In this sport, things can break easily. Look for the brand’s reputation, and how much they stand behind their products. If the offer a long-term warranty, then you should strongly take them into account.

Recommended: Barnett Outdoors

The Barnett Outdoors Bolt is outstanding for its 5-year manufacturer warranty. Barnett has a very good reputation for standing behind their products.


Q1: Which crossbow bolt is recommended for hunting large-sized games?

To kill the large game like a buck you need a bolt that is heavy and well-balanced. Your best bet is the Tenpoint Pro-Lite crossbow bolt.

Q2: Can any bolt fit in my crossbow?

No. Every crossbow and crossbow bolt will have its own specification. You need to make sure to match your crossbow with the right crossbow bolt.

Q3: Which bolt is better for target practice?

The Barnett Outdoors crossbow is a great choice for target practice. Hitting soft targets with this bolt is not a problem at all.

Q4: What is the ideal arrowhead for hunting large-sized games?

There are two ways you can kill an animal while hunting. i) Either you have a powerful crossbow teamed up with a strong and agile bolt. With this combination, you can kill an animal even with a target point. ii) The other way is to use a broadhead designed for penetration. The bolts are ideal if you don’t have a powerful enough crossbow to cause damage to the animal. However, to get the most out of your shot, try to use a powerful crossbow and a broadhead.

Q5: Are crossbow bolts expensive?

It depends on the company you are choosing and the material you are opting for. Usually, crossbow bolts aren’t that expensive. You can get a set of good quality carbon bolts for $50 – $70. The cheaper quality falls in between $20 – $40 bracket.

Editor’s Choice

Out of the ten crossbow bolts listed here the one that really gets our attention is the Tenpoint Pro-Lite crossbow bolt. If no other crossbow bolt is satisfying you or getting you the kills, you deserve this bolt that should be your next choice. The reason we like it so much is that it is compelling and swift while being rigid enough in the spine to minimize bending. If you intend on killing large-sized game without using too much skill and strategy, this is the bolt for you. While the Tenpoint Pro-Lite might be a bit pricey, it is a quality product that is tested by the manufacturer multiple times using laser technology. This way, you get consistent quality in all the bolts you get in your set.

The End

All that is left is to finalize your decision and buy your favorite crossbow bolt. As a general rule of thumb, always remember to buy crossbow bolts that are directly compatible with your crossbow to avoid wasting your money. Thank you for reading!


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