Top 10 Best Hunting Bows Reviews 2020

The best hunting bows can provide you with an exciting hunting experience. With the many hunting bow products that are available on the market, it can be challenging to find the one that will upgrade your hunting game. After all, the right hunting bow will feel like an extension of your body that is why you need to take some time in checking various options that you have and choose the one that can provide you with the best deals and benefits. Take a look at the top hunting bows that have made into our list. Each of them is equipped with features and technology that will pique your interest. Explore your choices and pick the one that suits your needs, budget, and preferences.

See Today’s Most Popular HUNTING BOWS

To help you in your search for the best hunting bows, we have gathered a list of the best products that are available online. They are chosen based on customer reviews and ratings. Find out more about the products on the list by reading the rest of the post below.

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This specific hunting bow is one of the most popular. It comes with an anti-dry fire trigger system to eliminate dry fire.


Below is a list of the best hunting bows that are available on Amazon. To find out more about the features and prices of each product, check out the list below.

Top 10 Best Hunting Bows

The Diamond infinite edge black ops are the perfect choice for hunters who are on a budget. This kind of hunting bow has an IBO speed of 130 fps and 31 inches lengths from axle to axle. It is compact, easily maneuvered, and is has impressive speed. It features an aluminum riser with a comfortable grip. The diamond infinite edge black ops are equipped with a solid limb and can be adjusted, which means that it allows the user to have a wide range of draw weights and draw strengths.

This hunting bow is known to be one of the most adjustable bows on the market. The diamond infinite black edge ops are ideal for those who are starting on hunting. This hunting bow allows the user to try various draw weights and draw lengths as they improve their skills.


  • Multi shooter bow
  • Extended draw length for longer draw archers
  • Infinite draw setting


  • No warranty

Who it’s best for?

This hunting bow has adjustable draw weights and draws lengths, which is ideal for beginners.

The Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow has an impressive arrow velocity of 400 feet per second. This hunting bow has 140 feet lbs of kinetic energy and 165 lbs of draw weight. It has a physical weight of 7 lbs and equipped with a step-through riser that makes hunting easy.

The package includes lube wax, rope cocking device, two 22 inch headhunter arrows, and a professional four by 43 illuminated rifle scope, which allows you to hunt during low light conditions. For the user’s safety, the Barnett whitetail pro STR crossbow has a nock sensor, anti-dry fire trigger system, finger guards, and finger safety reminders.


  • Comes with an illuminated scope
  • Has an impressive draw weight
  • Accurate shot


  • Expensive as compared to other hunting bows

Who it’s best for?

With an impressive draw weight and an illuminated rifle scope to hunt in low light conditions, this hunting bow is perfect for full-sized hunters.

The PSE razorback is a recurve bow that is commonly used for hunting. With a maximum draw weight of 30 lbs, this hunting bow is the best choice for youths and beginners. This bow is accurate and can hit a wide range of up to 30 yards. It comes with a riser that is pre-drilled to accommodate arrow stabilizers, a quiver, and a sight.

It is an affordable hunting bow that can be screwed and unscrewed without the use of a wrench. The PSE Razorback is durable, and the unit features a Berger buttonhole to take in a cushion plunger. Attach the limbs through the bolts found on the bow.


  • It is affordable
  • Lightweight and accurate
  • Features a Berger button


  • Not for professional hunters

Who it’s best for?

It is an excellent entry-level bow when for those who are starting to learn about hunting.

The iGlow 15-70 lbs hunting compound bow is equipped with fully machined cams. This hunting bow features a forged, reflexed, aluminum riser preloaded with quad limbs and dual cams. It can deliver up to 315 fps with a 75 percent let-off. Along with other dampeners strategically located on the bows, it also comes with an adjustable bowstring dampener that increased accuracy and provides less post-shot vibration.

This hunting bow has a length of 30 inches from axle to axle with a mass weight of 3.6 lbs. It is easily maneuvered and has a pre-installed peep sight. The iGlow 15-70 lbs hunting compound bow is your best choice when you are looking for an affordable compound hunting bow.


  • Nicely polished and offers excellent performance
  • Adjustable draw weight
  • Less post-shot vibration


  • The bow is only for the right-handed

Who it’s best for?

It has machine cams, and most hunters can use this hunting bow.

The XGeek compound bow is made from high-quality materials that are nicely polished. It offers excellent performance. The compound bow is fully adjustable and durable. It is very light and has a solid built. The bow is easy to set up and provides the best experience, especially for beginners.

This compound bow comes with all of the tools that you need to start hunting. It is an entry-level bow which is ideal for those who want to learn hunting.


  • Impressive fps
  • Extra accessories included
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Do not dry fire the bow

Who it’s best for?

It is an entry-level bow and is ideal for beginners.

The Bear archery compound bow provides the best experience when it comes to target practice and hunting. This bow has a draw range of 21 to 31 inches and is perfect for target shooting. It has a draw weight of 40 to 70 lbs, which is perfect for targeting long shots. The great thing about this bow is that a wide variety of hunters can use it. Also, this bow can accommodate various kinds of arrows.

The package includes trophy ridge mist 3-pin sight, whisker biscuit arrow rest, peep sight, and D-loop. This bow offers exceptional balance, durability, and dependability. It is affordable but made from high-quality materials that can last for a long time.


  • Can target long shots
  • Different kinds of arrows can be used


  • For right-handed users only

Who it’s best for?

This bow is wielded by right-handed shooters and used by beginners and professionals.

The Precision shooting equipment stinger x skullworks #70 has a weight of 3.8 lbs and length of 32.5 inches from axle to axle. It is lightweight, balances, and easy to maneuver. This hunting bow can work well in both the target range and the woods. Because it is lightweight, the bow is easy to maneuver the field and also provides the balance needed in target shooting.

This hunting bow has draw lengths that are adjustable in the stinger. You can choose your desired length from 21 to 30 inches. The Precision shooting equipment stinger x skullworks #70 has a draw weight of 70 lbs, which gives powerful shots.


  • Light and simple
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Perfect for hunting and target shooting


  • Amount of draw weight neutralized when at full draw

Who it’s best for?

With an adjustable draw length, this hunting bow is ideal for beginners and professional hunters.

The Ravin R10 crossbow makes use of HeliCoil technology that provides shooters with the most accurate shots. The bow is shipped to you already assembled, pre-tuned and ready for use. It h a built-in cocking mechanism that reduces cocking time. Moreover, it features a trac-trigger firing system that keeps the arrows steady with the use of the straight-line knock travel.

This bow weighs only 6.8 lbs with a draw weight of 195 lbs. The Ravin R10 crossbow is for high speed shooting at 400 feet per second. It comes with an anti-dry fire system and automatic safety features that will guarantee your safety while you are using the bow.


  • Automatic safety features
  • Trac-trigger firing system
  • Built-in cocking mechanism


  • Weight can be heavy for some

Who it’s best for?

With its revolutionized design, this hunting bow is ideal for professional and seasoned hunters.

The SAS explorer metal riser is ideal for children who would like to take up hunting. This bow is both durable and flexible. Its limbs come from maple, which is a wood that is well known for its durability and flexibility. Fiberglass is also used for the construction of the bow, so it is sturdy and can last for a long time.

The riser of this hunting bow is not made of wood but aluminum, which allows the bow to be more durable. The SAS explorer metal riser is for users up to six feet tall. It is a great hunting bow at a great price.


  • Durable and flexible
  • Offers versatility for a growing shooter
  • The riser is made from aluminum


  • Only available for right-handed use

Who it’s best for?

This hunting bow is durable and flexible, which is perfect for kids and teenagers who want to practice their shooting.

The Samick Sage bow is equipped with the best accuracy enhancing and convenience features. The arrows of the bows are 31.5 inches long with 4 inches feathers and inserts installed. It also includes 100 gr. Tips. The case is airline approved and includes built-in broadhead wrench and compartments for accessories.

The package includes the bow, bowstring, arrow rest, hard case, southwest stringer tool, southwest armguard, and 3 Premium Carbon Arrows. At a reasonable price, you can get a high-quality hunting bow and extra accessories that you can use to upgrade your hunting game.


  • Equipped with accuracy enhancing features
  • Lighting fast
  • Lightweight


  • Above-average draw weight

Who it’s best for?

This hunting bow is equipped with accuracy enhancing features that professional hunters can take advantage of.

Editor’s Choice

From this list, we choose the Tenpoint titan SS crossbow as the best one. That is because this hunting bow is equipped with the best accuracy enhancing and convenience features. It is lightning fast and can catch quick and agile prey. If you are looking for the best hunting bow that is accurate and precise, this is your best choice.

4 Different Types of Hunting Bows

There are different types of hunting bows that you can choose from. Each type can provide you with different hunting experience. Some hunting bows are easy to wield while others can be challenging. Below are the 4 types of hunting bows and how they can upgrade your hunting game.

✅ Video – Types of hunting bows

The video below tackles the different types of hunting bow that you need to know. Watch the video below for tips and information.

Click here for the best compound bow that is used for hunting

Compound Bow

The compound bow is a bow that has several moving parts. Hunters commonly use this type of bow because it is effective and quick. It has pulleys, cables and an efficient levering system that can shot accurately and quickly. Compound bows can be set up with customized draw weights. The draw weights enable hunters to use the bow effectively. This bow can take down bigger animals. On the other hand, it can be quite taxing to shoot the compound bow because it takes a lot of strength to draw the arrow back. Strength is also required to aim the bow.

Recurve Bow

The recurve bow is for competitive shooting and target practice. This type of bow comes from a pair of limbs that join together at the riser. There is a string that attaches to the limbs. Normally, the riser is equipped with a bow sight and arrow rest. The recurve bow is perfect for beginners who are still getting familiar with how to maneuver and shot a bow. It is in demand with hunters because it does not make a lot of noise and is easy to use. On the other hand, you cannot alter the recurve bow, and it is not possible to change the draw weight. It can be difficult for the user to adjust.


The different types of crossbow have a trigger that should be fired to release the string and the arrow. The trigger sets it apart from other kinds of hunting bows. Because it does not require strength to pull the arrows back, the crossbow is the easiest bow to shoot. Hunters commonly use this type of bow because it is accurate and does not make a lot of noise when fired. It has a trigger, stock, barrel, and stirrup. To improve firing, aiming, and drawing, the crossbow can have added accessories.

Traditional Bow

The traditional bow is the most basic bow made from a bow and string. This type of bow used to hunt small animals. It can be challenging to use this bow because it does not have any accessories that can help with aiming, drawing, and firing. The traditional bow can be challenging to aim, but the drawing part is rather easy. It takes a lot of practice to learn to use a traditional bow, but it can be rewarding to hit your target with the use of this bow.

3 Must-Have Hunting Bow Accessories


Choosing the right arrows is as important as choosing the right bows. The wrong length or weight of an arrow will affect the accuracy and the overall result of your shooting. When choosing arrows, consider the type of bow that you have, your draw strength, and your purpose of using the arrows.

✅ Video – How to choose an arrow for hunting

Below is a video that tackles how to choose the right arror for hunting. Watch the video and find out which arrow is best for the kind of bow that you have.

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It is another accessory that is useful when it comes to having accurate shots. If you are using a compound bow, you might need a stabilizer. You can choose from a wide array of stabilizers that are available on the market. You should choose one that works best for the type of bow that you have.


To protect your hunting bow, you need to have a case. Take note that most of the hunting bows don’t store or transport well without a case. Make sure that you protect your hunting bow by keeping it in a safe and secure case.


Q1: How long should the strings last?

The string of the crossbow should last a minimum of 100 shots with proper maintenance. The string life can vary depending on the maintenance, care, and the amount of shooting done.

Q2: Are hunting bows safe?

Hunting bows are safe, but they are still considered as weapons. Always keep your safety in mind when maneuvering and using hunting bows. Purchase a high-quality hunting bow with safety features and made from high-quality materials that do not easily get damaged.

Q3: Are crossbows hard to load?

It is easy to load a crossbow. There are two ways to load them. The first one is a rope-cocking system, and the second one is the hand crank system. The hand crank is easier as compared to the former, but it is slower.

Q4: How can I measure the draw length?

You can measure the draw length when the bow is at full draw and held in the highest let-off point on the cam. Measure the point where the nock is attached to the string to a point one and three fourth inches in from of the pivot point of the grip.

Q5: Are recurve bows good for hunting?

Most recurve bows are good for hunting. On the other hand, not all recurve bows fit the purpose. When choosing a recurve bow designed for hunting.

The End

Many hunting bows are available on the market. Each bow offers a different kind of hunting experience for the users. You should consider your needs and preferences when shopping for the best hunting bow that will upgrade your hunting game. Thank you for reading!


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