Top 10 Best Recurve Bows Reviews 2020

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Recurve bows are used for both archery and hunting. They are considered as the modified and modern form of a traditional bow. You can easily dismantle and carry a recurve bow into your backpack for ease of transportation and storage. Purchasing the right recurve bows can be challenging because there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. To help you in your hunt for the best recurve bow, we have created a list of the best products that you can choose from. We also share tips and information on how you can assemble and upgrade your recurve bow.

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With the many recurve bows that are available online, it can be confusing to choose the best one that can cater to your needs and budget. You should consider your options and compare features and prices to get the best deals.

If you’re curious, or in a hurry:

This specific recurve bow is one of the most popular. The bow is made from high-quality material, very nicely polished, and offers excellent performance.



Here is a list of the best recurve bows available on Amazon. Check out the features and prices of each product to get the best deals. Scroll down below for more information.

Top 10 Best Recurve Bows

The southwest archery spyder takedown recurve bow features a mild learning curve that provides beginners with a smooth start in learning how to use a recurve bow properly. This bow comes with a riser that is comfortable and ergonomic. This bow is known for its smooth draw. With a length of 62 inches long and 29 inches draw length, this bow is the perfect size for both men and women of about 5’11 tall.

The recurve bow has a riser that provides you with many options when it comes to accessories. It is designed for easy takedown and set up. The southwest archery spyder takedown recurve bow shoots smoothly without a lot of noise. Moreover, there is not much vibration, so you do not have to deal with numbness in your hands after using the bow.


  • Accurate and lightweight
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Less noise and vibration


  • Needs a wench to disassemble

Who it’s best for

If you are looking for an ideal beginner recurve bow, this bow is your best option.

The glurak takedown traditional recurve bow is comfortable, easy and convenient to use. This recurve bow has 60 inches long and has a draw length of 28 inches with a draw weight of between 20 and 60 lbs. It is ideal to go with higher draw weights when hunting and lower draw weights for practice shooting.

This recurve bow comes in a complete package to get you started. At a reasonable price, you can get the bow, which includes the wood and limbs, a string, a spanner, and an arrow rest. It has an ergonomic design that comes from high strength glass fiber sheets. The bow features rounded edges and a finely finished wooden handle, which will protect you from getting hurt.


  • Multiple draw weights available
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Ideal for hunting and archery


  • No predrilled holes for stabilizer

Who it’s best for

This recurve bow comes in multiple draw weights, which make it ideal for both hunters and archers.

The bear grizzly recurve bow is equipped with a draw weight of up to 60 lbs. It has a satin gloss finish that protects the bow and shields it from abrasion and dampness. The string used on this recurve bow is durable and can handle heavy use. It has a bear hair covering the cut past center shelf, which adds to the classic design of the bow.

This recurve bow has limbs and riser made from high strength fiberglass and northern hardwood. It has a Dacron Flemish string, which is durable. The Bear grizzly looks elegant and is also stable.


  • It is worth the money
  • Offers great performance
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not the best choice for beginners

Who it’s best for

This recurve bow is for advanced and professional users.

The Samick Sage takedown recurve bow is an inexpensive bow for beginners. If you are getting started with hunting, this bow is your best choice. It features a riser with large holes, which are great for adding various kinds of accessories to the bow. It allows beginners to experiment with different items that would enhance their shooting skills. The limbs of the bows are from maple and fiberglass, which are flexible, lightweight, and durable.

This recurve bow comes with a complete string, and arrow rest has pre-installed bushings for the plunger, a stabilizer, a quiver, and a sight. The Samick Sage takedown recurve bow is a takedown bow, which means that the limbs can be removed, replaced, or upgraded as you become experienced in hunting. This recurve bow has a wide range of draw weights that both left and right-handed users can choose from.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Riser provides room for many accessories
  • The limbs are lightweight and durable


  • The string may not be the best quality

Who it’s best for

It is an entry-level recurve bow, but with its design and built, it could also work for advanced hunters.

The SinoArt falcon takedown hunting recurve bow is lightweight and easy to use. The recurve bow has a length of 60 inches and designed with a metal handle and a magnesium and aluminum alloy bonded with hardwood. It is a takedown bow, which means that you can disassemble it when not in use for easy transport and storage.

The SinoArt falcon takedown hunting recurve bow is made with high-quality materials to provide users with a good surface and elasticity. The bow weighs under 3 lbs and is an ideal choice for people who are starting with archery or hunting.


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Have attachment points for accessories
  • Lightweight but durable


  • Fragile arrow rest

Who it’s best for

Because of its length, this bow is perfect for beginners.

The SAS spirit is perfect for kids who are starting out in hunting or archery. It is lightweight, and children can easily use it. This recurve bow comes from fiberglass and maple, which makes it durable and not prone to breaking. The great thing about the SAS spirit is that it is available for both right and left-handed users.

This recurve bow has 22 to 34 lbs of draw weight, which makes it perfect for both practice shooting and hunting trips. It has pre-drilled bushings and holes for accessories. You can experiment with different accessories like a stabilizer or a plunge and find out what will best work to improve your shooting aim.


  • Slight curves for comfort and support
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable and flexible


  • Poor quality string

Who it’s best for

The features of this recurve bow will work well for both beginners and professional hunters.

The PSE razorback recurve bow is a good starter recurve bow for youths and women because of its low draw weight. It is also durable and affordable. The bow is lightweight and used for a long time without any issues. It has a pre-drilled riser for accessories like stabilizers and a quiver. The bow also comes with a guide for easy assemble and disassemble.

This recurve bow has a Berger buttonhole that takes in a cushion plunger. Its limbs attached through the bolts located on the bow. The elegant look of this recurve bow is due to the materials made in creating it, which are maple oak and walnut.


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Has pre drilled riser for accessories
  • Affordable but durable


  • Do not include an arrow rest

Who its best for

It has a low draw weight, which makes it a good starter recurve bow for youths and women.

The Martin saber elite has a high draw weight which is ideal for both target practice and hunting. The length of this recurve bow is 64 inches and has a draw weight of between 30 to 55 lbs. It has a vibration-reducing technology and a riser made from high-quality aluminum that provides a comfortable grip.

This bow is only suitable for right-handed users. The Martin saber elite features an arrow rest that is made from rubber and can break after many shots, so you should invest in a replacement. For a reasonable price, you will get a high quality recurve bow that you can use for a long time.


  • Reduced vibration
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Accurate shooting


Arrow rest might need replacing.

Who it’s best for

This recurve bow is ideal for both beginners and immediate archers.

The Toparchery archery takedown hunting recurve bow is ideal for those who are looking for a short recurve bow for hunting. With a length of 58 inches, this bow designed for both left and right-handed users. It can take down some large game with its weight range of 30 to 50 lbs. Attachment points are available for accessories. It also includes a bow bag for easy transportation and storage. It is a quality bow availed at an affordable price.

This recurve bow is accurate and is an excellent choice for beginners. It comes from aluminum and fiberglass, which provides flexibility and durability. It is smaller as compared to other recurve bows and is easy to maneuver.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Accurate shot
  • Easy to transport and store


Instructions included are not helpful.

Who it’s best for

This bow is an excellent choice for someone who is getting started with hunting or archery.

The Tigershark pro makes use of high-quality wood as its material. This recurve bow provides you with better accuracy and improved performance. It is also lightweight and easy to use, which is perfect for those who are starting at hunting or archery. This bow has a pre-drilled riser that alls you to add accessories for a better hunting experience.

It comes in a complete package. On the other hand, the stringer tool is not of the best quality, but you can also replace it for a better one. It has a draw weight of 25 to 60 lbs and a length of 62 inches. This recurve bow is ideal for both left and right-handed shooters.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • High quality for an affordable price


The Stringer tool is not of the best quality.

Who it’s best for

This bow is perfect for beginners and professional hunters.

Editor’s Choice

Out top pick from recurve bows on the list is the Samick Sage takedown recurve bow. This bow is ideal for both beginners and immediate shooters. It is lightweight, durable, and flexible, which can upgrade your hunting or archery game. Moreover, it can accommodate various kinds of accessories that allow users to experiment with different items that will work best for them. This bow can be upgraded as your skills enhance and improved.

How to Choose the Right Recurve Bow

Grip Options

It is an important thing that you need to consider because it plays a big role when it comes to taking the perfect shot. Try out various bows and familiarize yourself with the grip of each one so that you can find the one that is comfortable and right for you.

Use of the Bow

Choose a recurve bow according to its use. For what purpose are you going to use it? Take note that hunting and archery require different kinds of bows. Archery does not require that much force and power from a bow. On the other hand, hunting needs a powerful bow that can penetrate the thick skin of the animal that you are shooting.

Weight of the Bow

You also need to consider the actual weight of the bow. The weight of the recurve bows can vary from 2 to 3.5 lbs, which are not that heavy. However, if you are planning to use and aim for a long time, you can choose lighter options to avoid straining your arms and muscles.


Accessories are important when it comes to upgrading your shooting or hunting game. There are accessories like stabilizers that can greatly improve your accuracy. You should choose a recurve bow with pre-drilled holes found on the riser that can accommodate various kinds of accessories.

✅ Video – Adding a sight to hunting recurve bow

In the video below, how to add a sight into hunting recurve bow is tackled. Make sure that you attach the sight into the bow properly so that you can be able to enhance your aim. Watch the video below for step-by-step instruction.

Click here for the best recurve bow with pre-drilled riser for accessories

Draw Weight and Draw Length

Choose the draw weight and draw length of the bow according to how you will use it. The draw weight is the amount of force that needs to be applied to the bowstring to pull it over a distance of 20 feet or more. The draw length is the distance from the nock point to the throat of the grip.

How to String a Recurve Bow

Anyone who is into hunting or archery knows the importance of having the right string. It is also important that you learn how to string a recurve bow. The string should be removed from the bow because it decreases the tension on the bow and the string cannot last for long. Also, if you have a takedown bow, you will need to remove the string to dismantle the rest of the bow. There is no need to fret because it is easy to string a bow. Just make sure that you do it right because doing it the wrong way can damage the bow.

✅ Video – How to String and Unstring your Recurve Bow

The video below talks about the importance of stringing a recurve bow. The video also demonstrates the step by step guide on how to string a recurve bow properly. To find out more about how to do this, you can watch the video below.

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How to Assemble a Recurve Bow

Some manufacturers ships the bow to you already assembled and ready to use. However, this is not always the case. Most of the time, you will need to assemble the bow. This is an easy-breezy task for professionals who have their share of assembling and dissembling for a long time. However, this task can be challenging for beginners. Take note that you need to be careful when handling the recurve bow to avoid damaging it. Also, you should properly attach the pieces together to make sure that it works accurately. Any piece that is not attached properly can affect the performance of the bow and your aim as well.

✅ Video – Assembling a recurve bow

To help you in this task, here is a video that tackles how to properly assemble a recurve bow. By watching the video, you can learn about the step by step assembly guide as well as some tips and information that can be helpful in maintaining and caring for your bow.

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Q1: Can I shoot a bow right after I bought it?

When you bought a bow, you first need to string and tune it. It is necessary to make sure that the bow will work properly and accurately.

Q2: Should I purchase left or right-handed bow?

It will have to depend on your hand orientation. Choosing left or right-handed bow based on which hand you use to draw the bow. If you draw the bow with the left hand, you need to purchase a left-handed bow. Likewise, you need to purchase a right-handed bow if you use your right hand to pull the string.

Q3: What kind of limbs should I purchase for the recurve bow?

You should choose a limb that is suitable for the kind of bow that you have. It is essential, most especially if you want to get a replacement limb.

Q4: What is the ideal length of the recurve bow?

You should opt for a minimum length of your draw length and multiply it by 2. For instance, if you have a draw length of 30 inches, you should choose a 60 inches bow or more.

Q5: Why do I need to find the right size of the recurve bow?

There are various lengths of recurve bows that are available in the market. It is vital that you choose the right size to improve your accuracy and prevent physical pain. A recurve bow that is either too long or too short for you can be uncomfortable to use.

The End

When it comes to choosing the best recurve bow, you need to choose the one that is best for you. What the market labeled as the best might not properly work with you. Hence, you should always pick a recurve bow based on your needs, budget, and preferences. This way, you can rest assured that you can have the best recurve bow that can be an extension of your arm and provide you with the best performance.


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