Can a Crossbow Go Through a Skull?

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In this article, we will discuss if a crossbow can go through a skull. If you are new to hunting, you might be wondering if there is any possibility for a crossbow bolt to penetrate and go through your prey’s skull. Most modern crossbows shoot bolts at upwards of 300 feet per second. They can be accurate as far away as 75 to 100 yards. Crossbows are heavier than most bows, about lighter than rifles. They are one of the most in-demand weapons when it comes to hunting.

Can a crossbow go through a skull? Yes, there is a possibility for a crossbow bolt to go through a skull. If the crossbow bolt makes it to the back of the skull with enough kinetic energy to pierce it, it can go right through. On the other hand, if it will take another 120 joules to make it out of the back of the head, then there is no way for the bolt to get through.

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Can a crossbow bolt pierce the skull? What can a crossbow penetrate? Can a bolt go through bone? These are some of the questions that we will answer in this article. If you want to know more regarding this topic, you can check out the rest of the article below for more tips and information.

Can a crossbow go through a skull

Can a Crossbow Pierce a Skull?

Yes, a bolt can pierce or penetrate a skull. This will have to depend on the placement. Crossbows are designed to kill animals because they are used for hunting, but some humans consider them a weapon. You need to treat them as you would a firearm and be careful not to point it at anything you do not want to shoot.

✅ Video – Skull Penetration Test

JerryStinger’s StuffandThangs shared the video below on YouTube. He is using a slingshot crossbow with a 90 lbs draw weight to shoot the deer skull. Check out the result if it is a hit or a miss by clicking the video below.

Can a Crossbow Kill You?

Yes, one can get killed by a crossbow bolt. This can happen if a clean shot is at a right angle using the right bow and an expert archer with the use of the right bolt. Take note that a razor-sharp broadhead shot through the chest will immediately depressurize the cavity, severe lung tissue and cause massive bleeding. Moreover, it may cut lung vessels, which results in blood loss.

If a bolt is shot through the heart, a person can be dead in under a minute. A shot to the head would mean instantaneous death. The right crossbow and bolt can penetrate the skull and kill a person instantly. This will also depend on the draw strength. Take note that even with a low powered crossbow, tissues can easily get damaged. If the draw length is 50 pounds, it is not much to injure someone badly. On the other hand, an 80-pound crossbow can result in serious wounds, and a 150-pound crossbow can be life-threatening.

What Can a Crossbow Penetrate?

A crossbow can penetrate a lot of things. Aside from hunting, crossbow bolts are also used in target shooting. They can accurately hit a target from different distances. As long as the broadhead is made of forged or hardened steel, it can penetrate hard surfaces. Crossbow bolts are also known to penetrate armors. You can also check out this article about how powerful is a pistol crossbow for more tips and information.

Can a Crossbow Penetrate Plate Armor?

Crossbows can penetrate plate armors, but this will have to depend mainly on the angle and thickness. A crossbow cannot penetrate a highly invaluable and protective plate armor if shot at the armpit, visor, or joints. Otherwise, it can penetrate it and can sometimes glace off the plate. Crossbows are effective in that they can pierce plate armors from a distance. On the other hand, this will depend on the angle, impact of the draw weight, steel thickness, and distance of the target.

✅ Video – Crossbow Vs. Body Armor

Edwin Sarkissian shared the video below on YouTube. It shows how a crossbow can penetrate body armor. He tried shooting the body armor at different distances. Are you curious about the result? Check out the video below for the demonstration.

Can A Crossbow go Through Bone?

Most modern crossbow will propel a bolt upwards at 330 fps, which depends on the bow’s poundage and the bolt’s weight. There are times where the bolt will get lodged into a bone and stop. In some instances, the bolt will travel through the prey and continue until it has diminished its energy.

How to Increase Crossbow Penetration?

If you want to increase crossbow bolt penetration for effective shooting, some of the things you need to consider are the arrow shaft, shooting the right spine, and having heavier broadband. Find out more about these things below.

Shoot the Right Spine

The arrow spine is the stiffness of the arrow. Usually, the bigger the number, the more flexible the arrow shaft will be. Take note that a too short spine for the bow will flex in flight, impeding penetration. The arrow spine recommendations change according to draw weights and draw lengths. You can get in touch with an arrow manufacturer for the best recommendations.

Shoot a Heavier Arrow Shaft

When it comes to penetration purposes, momentum is significant. With a sharp broadhead, the arrow will zip through a prey. If your crossbow bolt weighs 7 grains per inch, you can swap that for something heavier.

Shoot a Heavier Broadhead

Consider switching to a heavier broadhead to increase the arrow’s total weight and for more momentum. Moreover, a heavier broadhead will increase the bolt’s FOC, which is the bolt’s total weight forward of the balance point. As a result, this can increase the bolt’s penetration.

Related Questions

How Fast Does a Crossbow Shoot?

The speed of the crossbows is measured in FPS or feet per second. When a crossbow shoots at 300 fps, this means that when the bolts leave the light rail, it would travel 300 feet in a span of one second and could maintain its trajectory and momentum. We have also written this article that discusses if crossbows are more powerful than bows. You can check out the article for more information about the topic.

How Many FPS is Ideal for a Crossbow?

With a 300 FPS, you can get enough kinetic energy at all possible hunting distances. It is recommended to stick to 300 FPS or more if you hunt elks. On the other hand, 250 FPS is the ideal requirement for hunters who would hunt whitetail deer.

Is it Possible to Shoot a Deer in the Head with a Crossbow?

A crossbow that is shot to the brain will provide an instant and clean kill. Deer are known to have smaller heads, and their brain is only about three inches long. This means that any shot to the top of the head will hit the brain.

✅ Video – Deer Hunting With a Crossbow

Knetters Practical Outdoors shared the video below on YouTube. He talks about how far you need to shoot to get a clean kill. How far of a shot can you take to take on a deer with the use of a crossbow? Check out the video below for more information.

Is a Crossbow More Powerful than a Gun?

No, crossbows are not that powerful as compared to guns. Take note that crossbows have less recoil velocity. On the other hand, guns have a strong recoil velocity after firing. This means that the opposite force to the fired bullet can push you to your fall. The bigger the weapon is, the greater the recoil velocity.

Why is My Crossbow Not Accurate?

Modern crossbows are highly efficient and accurate. You can tweak or upgrade it to suit your preferences. The crossbows produce perfect accuracy with proper shooting mechanics and when cocked properly using the right bolts. The human factors play a big part when it comes to accuracy. Other factors responsible for having inaccurate crossbows include using the wrong bolts, improper cocking practices, loose-fitting components, and poor maintenance.


You have reached the end of this post that discusses if a crossbow can go through a skull. We hope that the information we have shared in this article has helped you learn more about the topic. If you aim to hunt preys and shoot them in the skull, make sure that you take a clean and accurate hit. Thank you for reading!