Cobra Pistol Crossbow Review – Is it a Toy or a Tool?

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The Cobra pistol crossbow is ideal for target practice and hunting small game. It is a powerful weapon that should not be used by children except under adult supervision. This weapon is perfect for survivalists who are interested in an affordable pistol crossbow. It can fire both bolts and arrows, which makes this weapon both a pistol and a crossbow. Before purchasing the crossbow, it is vital to know if it is as good as others claim it would be. In this post, we will have an in-depth review of the product. We will cover the features, specs, and many other related topics to the cobra pistol crossbow. Read the rest of this review to find out if this product is ideal or not.

A Quick Introduction to the Cobra Pistol Crossbow

The cobra pistol crossbow is a popular weapon that is in demand in the market. Many enthusiasts enjoy using this weapon, which has created a positive impact on the crossbow industry. If you are not familiar with this product, we are here to help you learn about it. The cobra pistol crossbow is lightweight and accurate. It is safe and is also beautifully designed. The weapon does not have a stock built into the mainframe of the device. The cobra pistol crossbow is equipped with features for the best shooting experience.


Draw weight 80 lbs
Weight 2 lbs
ATA length 23 inches
Brace height 12 inches
IBO speed rating 165 FPS
Warranty One year
Price Check price

Cobra Pistol Crossbow Design

The cobra pistol crossbow is self-cocking, which means that it is designed with a lever on the back of the frame, which allows the user to push down and draw the string back into position. This allows the user to keep a balanced weight, and it is also ideal for easier cocking of the bow to load up with your choice of the bolt.

For this crossbow, it is ideal that you use aluminum bolts. This is because it will have more impact on the target compared to the plastic ones. You can either find 50 or 80 lbs draw. It is the amount of weight that you will pull when cocking the device. The self-cocking mechanism provides leverage to pull the string.

Why Purchase The Product?

The cobra pistol crossbow is for any hunter or beginners. This weapon is for small hunting and target shooting. If you are looking for a crossbow that can kill large animals, this might not be your first weapon of choice. For beginners who would like to step into the exciting and rewarding world of hunting, this crossbow is a perfect choice.

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The video below is shared by a user who talks about his experience in using the crossbow pistol. For more of what he has to say about the product, you can click the play button below.

An In-Depth Review of the Bow’s Features

The cobra pistol crossbow has features that can cater to both beginners and advanced users. Let us take a look at its features.

Self-Cocking Mechanism

With the self-cocking mechanism, cocking the cobra pistol crossbow is quick and easy. After the latch beneath the grip is depressed, the cocking lever is then released. You can then pull it down and back to pull the cocking arm back, which cocks the string. It takes less than twenty minutes to cock and load the weapon. However, there is one safety issue with cocking the pistol bow. It is the failure of the safety to engage once you draw the string. To avoid accidents like dry fire or misfire, see to it that you maintain proper trigger control and check the safety before loading the bolt into the rail.


The cobra pistol crossbow has a simple sight. It allows adjustments to elevation and windage by turning the exposed knobs. On the other hand, the sight is not made by the same quality standards, and it can easily become misaligned by bumping the crossbow sight during transport. Other than that, the sight is easy to zero in, and it makes the cobra pistol crossbow accurate.

✅ Video – Cobra Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow Review

In the video below, the user shares his experience with the cobra self-cocking pistol crossbow. Check out the video below for more information.


The cobra pistol crossbow is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Take note that it can be dangerous when left unsupervised in the hands of a child or those who are not familiar with shooting the crossbow. It comes with an automatic safety feature, which is important because this crossbow has a lot of power in it. This weapon has a pull capacity of 80 lbs, which is enough velocity to obliterate the bolt once fired.


Some pistol crossbows are particular on the arrows and bolts that you can use. Fortunately, this is not the case for the cobra pistol crossbows. You can use generic bolts for an 80 lbs crossbow. Just make sure that the bolts have at least field tip points and are 6.25 inches long. You can purchase a large pack of bolts because if you miss your target, you can easily misplace them, and they are also easily damaged. You can even choose to create your own bolt and broadheads.


The cobra pistol crossbows come in a complete package with everything that you need. It comes with 39 aluminum bolts with metal tips. It also includes an instruction guide to help you assemble the crossbow. You can get two strings and an adjustable tactical sight. All of these can be yours along with the crossbow at an affordable price.

Assembling the Cobra Pistol Crossbow

Assembling the cobra pistol crossbow is not that difficult. It can be a bit time-consuming because the user manual is not very helpful. Many owners would complain about this issue because the instructions written in the manual is hard to understand. Ideally, you watch a few assembly videos that you can find online rather than following the manual included in the package. It can be challenging for beginners to follow the assembly process, and you may need help from others. Watching video instructions will enable you to finish assembling the crossbow within ten minutes.

✅ Video – Cobra Crossbow Assembly

In the video below, the user shows how to assemble the cobra pistol. The crossbow has various parts that should assemble properly. How you assemble the bow will affect its shooting performance. Find out how to properly assemble the crossbow by watching the video below.

Using the Crossbow for Hunting

The cobra pistol crossbow is lethal enough to use for small hunting game. Of course, your accuracy in hitting the vital organs plays an important part in hunting. Most hunters would agree that 5 feet pounds of kinetic energy are needed to take down a rabbit or a squirrel. Using the crossbow on anything bigger will hurt the animal and cause a slow and painful death. You need to do your best to make the kill as humane and painless as possible. Bear in mind that when hunting using a pistol crossbow, you need to know what is behind your target. Do not use the weapon in suburban environments because the bolts can still travel a fair distance after shooting, and it can also be illegal.

Pros and Cons



→ Easy to shoot and reload × Hard to understand user manual
→ Inexpensive × Not as accurate as a full-sized crossbow
→ High-powered × Quality is not the greatest
→ Well balanced design × Safety does not always engage when cocking
→ Easy to store × Only ideal for close-range shooting
→ Ideal for small game and target practice
→ Speedy cocking mechanism

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is essential if you want the weapon to work efficiently after many shots. Learn how to maintain the crossbow properly. Make sure that you apply lube wax to the string after every five to ten shots. Also, put a dab on the flight track and spread it out. By doing this, you can prevent the string from fraying and needing to be replaced.

Another maintenance tip is to NOT leave the cobra pistol crossbow in a cocked position for more than a few minutes. Avoid dry-fire because the weapon’s limbs can shatter, or it can put a crack in the limbs and ruin the crossbow. If you notice any problem with the limbs, you should purchase another to avoid accidents and injury.

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The video below shows how to wax your crossbow string. Waxing the string is important when it comes to maintaining the condition of the bow. Check out the video below for more tips.

Replacement Parts

Failure to maintain the cobra pistol crossbow will result in damaged and broken parts that need replacement. The following are the common replacement parts for the pistol crossbow that you need to keep in stock.


You can easily lose bolts while shooting. They are smaller as compared to the full-sized arrows, and they do not fly as straight. The great thing about crossbow bolts is that they are affordable. You can purchase a pack of dozen bolts if you plan to go shooting.

Replacement String

The replacement bowstring for the cobra pistol crossbow is polyester and is specifically made for the weapon.

Is the Crossbow a Toy or a Tool?

The cobra pistol crossbow is considered both a toy and a tool. It can be considered a toy because of its tiny size and appearance. On the other hand, it has a powerful feature that is strong enough to kill small animals. You should supervise your kids when you let them handle the weapon.

Advantages and Limitations

The major advantage that you can get from a cobra pistol crossbow is that it is affordable and efficient. It has the speed, power, and accuracy needed in the shooting. It is also lightweight and easy to use. The obvious limitation of this crossbow is the lack of safety features. Avoid using the weapon without proper knowledge, supervision, and skills because the cocking mechanism can cause accidents.

What is Included in the Package?

  • The Cobra 80 lbs. Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow including riser and prod
  • Polyester bowstring
  • Vibration dampening pads
  • Compression plate
  • Allen key
  • 3 aluminum crossbow bolts (Number of bolts may depend on the chosen package)
  • User Manual

✅ Video – 80 lb Cobra Crossbow Pistol – The Best Apocalypse Weapon!


The cobra pistol crossbow is a self-cocking crossbow that is very powerful and is suitable for small hunting activities. They are perfect for professionals who are into hunting small animals like squirrels and rabbits. This weapon is also suitable for beginners who want to practice their shooting skills provided that they are supervised. It is ideal for target practice, and it comes with everything you need to get started at an affordable price.


Q1: Can kids use the cobra pistol crossbow?

Kids can use the cobra pistol crossbow as long as they are under careful adult supervision. Always supervise your children when they are handing a crossbow pistol or any other weapon. Take note that this weapon is not a toy and is also a deadly weapon. See to it that you teach them all the proper weapon safety before letting them use the crossbow.

Q2: Can anyone own a crossbow pistol legally?

The laws vary by state and country. Pistol crossbows are legal in the U.S., but there are rules and regulations that you need to follow when you use the weapon for hunting purposes. Before purchasing the product, make sure that you find out the legality of pistol crossbows in your area.

Q3: Is it a survivalist crossbow?

Yes, the cobra pistol crossbow is an ideal survivalist crossbow. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to store and attach it to your backpack. You can hunt rabbits and squirrels easily and quietly with the use of this weapon.

The End

Thank you for reading this post that talks about cobra pistol crossbows. While the weapon looks like a toy, it is powerful and deadly. It is ideal for small game hunting and target practice. The self-cocking mechanism included in the design makes it easier to use the crossbow. It also comes in a complete package with every accessory that you will need for shooting.