Composite Bows – History and Facts

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Composite bows are the ancient version of the modern compound bows. These bows played an important role in various ancient civilizations. The composite bows are used by the Mongols to conquer nations. It is also used by the Assyrians when fighting against their enemies. Find out more about composite bows and the role that it played in ancient civilizations by reading the rest of the post below.

What Are Composite Bows?

A composite bow is a kind of traditional bow. It comes from wood, horn, and sinew that are laminated together. This kind of bow is similar to the laminated bow, which is made only of layers of wood. Most composite bows are recurved bows. The reason for this is that they are not usually strung, so they curve opposite the archer.

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The video below talks about the composite bow and its role as one of history’s deadliest weapon.

A Short History of Composite Bows

The first composite bow was used by the Assyrians around 1800 BC. They have formed their civilization based on the conquest that they won using these weapons. Later on, the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Hittites adopted their very own versions. The composite bows are considered as an advanced weapon used by various civilizations and traces of the bow was found in the remains of the civilization.

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For more information about how composite bows plays an important role in ancient civilizations, watch the video below. The video tackles about the Native Americans and Asiatic composite bows.

How Are They Made?

Composite bows feature a wooden core with a horn on the belly, facing the archer, and sinew on the back. The wooden core of the composite bow comes from many pieces that are joined together with the use of animal glue in V-splices. The horn is commonly used on the inside part of the bow because it can store more energy as compared to wood.

The sinew is placed on the back of the bow and soaked in animal glue. It is from the lower legs and back of the wild deer. It will stretch farther as compared to wood. The composite bows are smaller in size as compared to other bows. They have greater power, which is the main reason why people use them.

Materials Used in Making the Bow

The composite bow comes from two or more different materials. The traditional versions are from horn, sinew, and woof. Nowadays, manufacturers are using different materials, but the principle is the same. There should be three materials that will make up the bow. Common materials used nowadays include wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The wood used includes maple, red elm, bamboo, or cedar.

The Design

Composite bows have three layers made of sinew, horns, and wood. The core of the bow is made of wood. The interior portion of the curve comes from a horn for compression. The exterior is from sinew for the springing action needed to bring the bow back to its original shape. The three layers are glued together, compressed, and left to jell together and become sturdy.

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Used by Mongol Invaders

The Mongols used composite bows as their weapon in invading ad conquering other countries. These bows are powerful and can be used in motion which makes it a deadly weapon. Expert Mongol archers will shoot the bow while they are riding on a horse. This gives them the advantage because they can easily run after their target and shot an arrow. They improved the design and made a new category which is now known as the recurve bow. The accuracy and power of these bows excelled over the earliest versions of the composite bows.

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The video below tackles how to fire arrows like a Mongolian Warrior with the use of a composite bow.

What Are the Advantages of a Composite Bow?

Small in Size

One of the advantages of a composite bow is that they are smaller in size. They are the best choice when you are looking for a bow that is portable and easily transported. Because they are small, these bows are also lightweight. They are easy to carry and will not hinder the movement of the user.


Composite bows are one of the most powerful bows in the market. The reason for this is that they come from several smaller pieces that are laminated together to form a single unit. It enables them to have strength and flexibility.

Shaped Like the Recurve Bow

Most composite bows are also recurved bows. They are curved and shaped away from the user. This design provides the bow with a high draw weight in the early stages of the draw, which stores total energy for the final draw weight.

They Are Precise

Composite bows are precise. In ancient civilizations, archers use composite bows to target enemies while they are riding horses or chariots. Various technical factors enable this bow to be an ideal weapon for flight shooting. Higher arrow velocity is only for well-designed composite bows of high draw weight.

They Are Ideal for Archery

Composite bows are an ideal choice for archers who will use the bow in motion. If you are after a traditional bow that can provide you with powerful and accurate shots, the composite bow is your best choice.

Tips on how to Properly Shoot a Composite Bow


Make sure that you properly grip the bow so that you can put less torque and make sure that you will shoot accurately. The grip should be kept against the line of your hand just above the thumb so you will feel the pushing of the bow into your palm.


Having a proper stance is important when it comes to shooting a bow. To have a good stance, you need to keep your feet, shoulder-width apart. You can also kneel and allow your butt to rest on your heels.


You can insert a kisser button to the proper point of the bowstring. Make sure that you find one or two comfortable anchor points.


Do not forget to breathe even if you feel nervous about hitting a long-range target. Holding your breath may cause you to shake and lose mental balance due to not enough supply of oxygen.

✅ Video – Firing Arrows Like a Mongolian Warrior

Click the video below to find out how to shoot a bow for beginners properly.

How to Shoot a Composite Bow

Shooting a composite bow is the same as shooting a recurve or a longbow. This bow is easy and used as a beginner’s bow. You need to make sure that you carefully select the proper draw length and draw weight of the bow. Here is a video that demonstrates how to use a composite bow properly. Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial.

The End

Thank you for reading this post that tackles composite bows. This traditional bow is powerful and accurate, which makes it an ideal weapon that you can use for archery. They are perfect for motion shooting. Many composite bows are sold on the market. Make sure that you consider all the options that you have and compare features to find the best deals.

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