How to Acquire the Best Bows in Skyrim

There are different kinds of weapons that you can choose from in Skyrim. One of the most popular weapon and is also considered as the best is the bow. There is no doubt that bows in Skyrim are powerful and can cause serious damage. The computer game enables gamers to choose and customize their weapons.

Bows are perfect when it comes to range attacks. Shooting an arrow to an enemy forty yards away with a slow-motion is one of the best things about Skyrim. In this post, we have listed the best bow in Skyrim that you can choose from. If you are into the game and is looking for the best weapon, you can take a look at the list of bows below.

What is Skyrim?

Skyrim is an action role-playing game that is set in a fictional country. It can be played from a first or third-person perspective. The player can roam around the land by riding horses or a fast-travel system that enables them to warp to previously located locations. The player will be given a quest that needs to be completed which includes slaying the enemies. You can use different kinds of weapon that you can bring to battle to make sure that you win. It is a popular computer game for both kids and adults.

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The Best Bows in Skyrim

Glass Bow

The glass bow is considered as one of the easiest bows to acquire. It is a weapon that will improve your damage output in the early stages of the game. It is a lower-level game and you need to upgrade into a more powerful one as you enter higher game levels. The glass bow has a base damage of 15 and an encumbrance or weight or 14. It has a speed of 0.625.

How to get this bow

You can purchase this bow from the general goods merchant, take it from the enemies you destroyed or find it in loot chests. When you reach the smithing level of 70, you can be able to craft this bow.

Ebony Bow

The ebony bow is used by higher-level players. It is a high-quality standard bow and has better damage as compared to other bows. It has lower damage but can fire faster. This is not a quest related weapon and you can get it in many places around Skyrim. The ebony bow has a high base damage of 17 and a weight of 16. It has a speed of 0.56.

How to get this bow

After you have reached the levels of 36 for the unenchanted and 37 for the enchanted, you can get this bow anywhere in Skyrim. It can also be purchased at blacksmiths, general good merchants and as random loot. Moreover, this bow can be crafter when you reached a level 80 of smithing skill.

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Glass Bow of the Stag Prince

The glass bow of the stag prince is an enchanted glass bow. For every 20 animals that are killed by this bow, you will receive a bonus of 5 extra health and stamina. It has slightly better damage as compared to a normal glass bow. The glass bow of the stag prince is known for the enchantment “Blessing of the Stag Prince”.

How to get this bow

This bow can be purchased at the Ramshackle Trading Post from Falas Selvayn. There are times when Falas will have the bow equipped which makes it impossible to purchase. If this happens, you can pickpocket the bow from him. You can also slip him more valuable weapons so that he can unequip the bow.

Nightingale Bow

The nightingale bow does not have a set base damage like most bows in Skyrim. The damaged base varies depending on the level at the time that you acquire the bow. Take note that this bow will not level with you so it is best that you purchase it when you reached level 46. The nightingale bow freezes the target with a powerful enchantment before applying shock damage.

How to get this bow

This bow can be obtained once you have completed the Thieve’s Guild quest Blindsighted. Karliah will give this bow to you.

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Daedric Bow

The Daedric bow is considered as one of the best most epic bows in the game. The aesthetics of this bow is one of the reasons why you need to get it. It has a high base damage of 19 and a weight of 18. It has a speed of 0.5. The Daedric bow resembles a recurve bow which is usually used in archery.

How to get this bow

This bow can be obtained from chests or by revered or legendary dragons for unenchanted versions. For enchanted versions, this bow can be obtained after reaching level 47. You can also get this bow from the Brood Cavern or buy it with the use of a black market spell. Furthermore, it can be crafter when you reached the smithing skill of level 90.

Firiniel’s End

The Firiniel’s end is a bow with low base damage but has an awesome enchantment. The bow can damage the health and stamina of your enemy with every hit which is perfect when you are dealing with large enemies. The Firiniel’s end is a quest related bow with a base damage of 13 and a weight of 12. It has a speed of 0.687.

How to get this bow

To acquire this bow, you need to start the quest Bound Until Death which is a Dark Brotherhood Quest. You can get the bow during or after the quest at the balcony of Castle Dour, Solitude.

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The Zephyr has a huge fire rate and has the highest DPS in the whole of Skyrim and is useful for archers. The rate of fire of this bow is perfect for pouring DPS on your enemies but you need to pack a lot of arrows. This is a Dwarven bow that can be acquired during a quest. The Zephyr has a damaged base of 14 and a weight of 10. It has a speed of 1.0.

How to get this bow

To acquire this bow, you need to do the Lost to the Ages Quest where Katria or the Nord ghost will tell you where she died. You can find the bow at the end of the log so you need to walk carefully to pick it up. There is no spell to grab this bow.

Dragonbone Bow

The Dragonbone bow has the highest base damage per shot in Skyrim. You can use this bow to kill a large variety of enemies by a single shot. When combined with a sneak attach and enchantment, this bow can cause an excessive amount of damage. The Dragonbone bow has a base damage of 20 and a weight of 20. It has a speed of 0.75.

How to get this bow

This bow can be acquired in Soul Cairn. Look for the keeper who uses this bow along with Dragonbone arrows. You can also craft this bow when you reach a level 100 smithing skill.

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Auriel’s Bow

The Auriel’s bow is the best weapon that you can use when dealing with the Draugr. It can cause great damage to the undead with its enchantments. The bow does 20 additional points of sun damage that triples against the undead. The Auriel’s bow has a decent attack of 13 and a weight of 11. It has a speed of 1.0.

How to get this bow

To obtain this bow, you need to go to the Inner Sanctum within the Forgotten Vale. You can get it at the end of the Touching the Sky Quest after you have defeated the Arch-Curate Vyrthur.

Dwarven Black Bow of Fate

The Dwarven black bow of Fate can provide you with a 50% chance of absorbing the health, stamina or Magicka of your target. It has low damage but has a decent rate of fire. This bow is your best weapon when it comes to prolonged fights and can help you drain difficult enemies. The Dwarven black bow of Fate has a base damage of 13. It has a speed of 0.750.

How to get this bow

You can acquire this bow inside the Kagrumez but only after you have obtained the Kagrumez Resonance gems. It is located behind the gate.

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The End

Thank you for reading this post that tackles the best bows in Skyrim. There are a lot of bows that you can choose from and every bow has a special feature that can affect how you play the game. Gamers who are into Skyrim realize the importance of choosing the right weapons when charging into battle. You need to be particular with the bow that you use to make sure that you defeat the enemies.

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